How to create an authentic tone of voice for your content

One of the key issues which can make the difference between customers trusting your company or not – is the authenticity of your messaging.

It needs to reflect your business values and your mission in the world.

You need to make sure your written tone of voice ‘sounds’ like you.  Maintaining your unique tone of voice across all of your messaging whether that’s in marketing materials, packaging, branding, PR and customer experience,really sets you apart.

If your business has no consistent approach it will be hard for customers to relate and trust it.

Think for example of the words on your website, leaflets, posters, giveaways, signage; the way your sales people talk. If you audited everything that sells and talks about your business, would it ‘sound’ like your brand?

At LCM our expert writers craft beautifully-written copy to complement your brand. We have experience writing white papers, brochures and leaflets for many different businesses.

Your organisation needs a unique, consistent tone of voice. It’s a subtle part of your brand. Our expertise is to capture that tone of voice in writing, so that when people read what you’re saying, it measures up to the real you and your values.

Establishing a tone of voice in the first place is the tricky part and it can be an incredibly difficult thing to do for your own business. You need to look at what you stand for, how you want to be perceived and how you want to position yourself in the market place.

At LCM we can work with you to establish your tone of voice to make sure it works fully for the business. We listen to who you really are, and to what your customers want to hear.

We’ll spend time with you to make sure that the copy we write demonstrates a depth of understanding of your organisation and the same personal flair you and your team deliver when you’re face-to-face in your market.

Getting your tone of voice right from the beginning and ensuring it is authentic to your business is the key to underpinning a successful brand and marketing campaign for your company. Without it, your messaging will become confused and sound conflicting.

How can LCM help?

If you’d like help with creating a tone of voice, and developing written content that rings true, please get in touch with us at LCM and we will be happy to talk through what you are trying to achieve. We will ask you guided questions to find out if you need our kind of input, or if another route is best for you.

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