5 ways to use video for your business

With video becoming increasingly popular on social media, and YouTube becoming one of the number one search engines for consumers it’s no wonder that businesses are jumping on board and looking at the best way to use video to reach their customers.

Video is fast becoming the first choice for getting a message out there, particularly across the social media channels, but if they are not done right they can end up looking tacky and do more damage than good.

It’s important to give a lot of consideration to a video before jumping in and filming. You need to identify the objectives first. We can’t state this strongly enough. Decide: ‘how are we going to measure whether the video worked or not’? It may not be easy to measure, but at least start with an idea of what success looks like.

You also need to identify the audience. Sounds obvious, but there are millions of videos out there that don’t ever see the light of day because  no one thought ‘who needs to see this? who will it help?’

Once you know what the video must achieve, and who needs to engage with it, then create a storyboard to outline what will happen in the video – if all of this sounds too technical than our team at LCM Marketing can help.

Once the storyboard is right and the script has been created, you can actually start on the filming side and putting the video together. It’s important that everything in a business video is high quality – sound, images and the quality of the content itself.

One of the most important aspects is making sure the video is branded so that it is instantly recognisable as being from your company. Any messaging used in the video should also be consistent with messaging used in other printed or digital marketing material.

But what can you actually use video fro in a business? Here are five different ways of using video to help promote your company

Showcase a new product

Video is an incredibly positive way to actually show and describe a new product to great effect. You can incorporate aspects of the manufacturing, how to use it, and really accentuate all of the unique features of your product, by using video. You can also combine footage with animation, for example, to show working parts.

A “How-To” video

Giving instructions via video is great for customers – even better if you can link it to your product or business. So if you sell self-moulded industrial earplugs, for example, (as did one of our clients), you can create a how-to video explaining how to fit them safely into the ears. These can be created to supplement or take the place of printed manuals for products.

Customer testimonials

Written testimonials are quite often used – so think of the impact if you are able to record customers and clients providing great testimonials. It’s so much better. You can even ask customers to upload videos of themselves using your products, onto your website to make them even more authentic.

Have a YouTube channel

Don’t just upload videos straight onto your website. Set up a company YouTube channel and then store all your videos here and link through to the website. Firstly it will save lots of storage space on your site and secondly it provides another way for potential customers to find your business online.

Create a corporate welcome video

Why not record a quick introduction to your business and what you do, welcoming visitors to your website personally. This corporate style video will put a face and personality to an otherwise anonymous business.

If you would like to explore ways in which videos could help your business then please do get in touch with us at LCM Marketing.

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