Graphic Design

We make you look great. Our design team works to make sure that your brand is telling the world exactly who you are, and if it isn’t, then we can refresh it. We also work to create beautiful brochures, printed collateral and infographics to make sure that all of your visual messaging is just right and always on-brand.



Our team of creatives work to make sure that your brand is clear, unique and above all reflects your product or business personality. We’ve worked with companies to create new brands, refresh existing ones, and design brand guidelines so that you have a clear, consistent image and the rest of your team understand how to use it.


Positioning / Messaging

We will help you to position your brand or company in the mind of your customers, the aim of which is, to create a unique impression so that the customers associate something specific with you. To do this we’ll consider your target customer, your marketplace, what your brand or company stands for and reasons that customers should believe.



For years we’ve created beautiful brochures and enticing flyers. At our creative heart the design team know how to creating engaging literature and the value of white space!



One of the newest pieces in the marketing armoury, but an increasingly valuable one. As consumers increasingly want to digest information quickly and easily, images and information make great bed fellows. A well thought out and expertly designed infographic will work across any media and will engage with audiences.



One of the oldest forms of marketing communication, but still with a vital role to play. The skill of the designer is in the balance of the design, headline, images and content to communicate quickly and effectively and to create the desired action in the viewer.


Corporate ID

Branding and positioning is right at the heart of the way we think at LCM. Creating a corporate identity, one that reflects your ethos, values and mission, needs careful consideration. Getting it right is paramount to securing the right image for your brand or business.


Creative Strategy

We understand how important it is to have a brand which clearly represents your business. That’s why we’ll work with you to develop a creative strategy that explains how experiential elements of your company, such as the branding and tone of voice will meet your business objectives and drive you forward. The strategy will then leave you with guiding principles to govern and protect your brand, while enabling it to grow.


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