Winning awards is an increasingly important part of the PR mix.

Why is entering awards important?

  • The award entry process is a good reminder to you and your team, of your achievements
  • Your organisation is objectively judged against its peers
  • Staff and management benefit from feelings of pride, loyalty and team spirit even when short listed and especially when winning
  • They can increase stakeholders’ confidence in you
  • Existing and potential clients increase their trust in your company
  • Relevant press gives you guaranteed coverage when you are short listed, especially when you win
  • You can use your award in further publicity (local press, on your Website, newsletters, even a letterhead if it’s an important enough accolade)
  • It increases awareness of your business within the local community, and to potential employees

We can help manage your awards entries by:

  • Developing an annual awards plan
  • Managing & implementing the plan

When developing an awards plan, we will:

  • Identify your company’s strengths in the awards context
  • Work with you to identify the most appropriate award programmes. Mapping out those that you are most likely to win, and overlaying them against those that will most benefit your organisation in the context of its marketing strategy
  • Advise on the most suitable categories within each award programme – this is based upon those which best match your strengths and marketing objectives
  • Provide background information on each award, or a Web link
  • Provide you with a proposed annual plan mapped out in an easy-to-read table and covering:
    • Objectives and outcomes of each award
    • Award submission deadlines
    • Entry fees where applicable
    • Confirmation of LCM’s fee budget to carry out the plan

Whilst managing and implementing the awards plan, we will:

  • Research the particular entry requirements
  • Attend workshops* and/or use mentors where provided by the awards organisers
  • Liaise with you and your team members to source background information and support material required
  • Write the award entry to the specification of the awarding body
  • Collate, refine and professionally present support material
  • Liaise with awards’ organisers throughout the process
  • Coordinate payment of entry fees where applicable
  • Book table/places at awards dinner where agreed with you
  • Organise transport to and from the awards if needed
  • Gain approval and sign off to entry and all aspects of the individual award
  • Submit the award and ensure it has been received
  • If you are short listed, ensure that all press opportunities are maximised
  • If you win, ensure that all publicity opportunities are maximised
  • Gain feedback from the judges or awarding body in any event

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