What is analytics?

With 90% of the world’s digital data having been produced in the past two years, data driven marketing is here to stay. Using analytics software, our analysts trawl the massive amounts of data that websites, apps and social media pages gather to understand what your customers are doing, and see where improvements can be made in order to refine your organisations online platforms.

Behavioural and Audience Analysis

Customer centric marketing is essential. That’s why with analytics, we develop an understanding of your sites users; finding out how they interact with your products and services. This is necessary to refine the current site, and helps drive future decisions for your organisation in regards to the platforms used to attract and retain customers.

Acquisition Management

In addition to on-site analysis, analytics shows us how customers come on to (or don’t come on to) to your site. From this information, we can optimise the site in the best places to achieve the best possible return and attract customers to your site. Acquisition reporting is vital to developing a successful search engine marketing strategy for your organisation.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Understanding how customers move around your site, where they go before making a conversion, or the last page they visit before leaving the site is essential to creating a good user experience. We can use this information to optimise your site to create the smoothest possible route to conversion for the user. Conversions are a measure of when users perform desired actions, for example downloading a brochure or purchasing a product.

Social Media Analytics

Analytics will act as the engine for your digital marketing machine, powering and maintaining all aspects within it. This includes social media and monitoring how users interact with your social channels and social campaigns. We will see which ones work best for your organisation, allowing us to focus your campaigns and target your audience effectively.

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