One of the oldest forms of marketing communication, but still with a vital role to play.

The skill of the designer is in the balance of the design, headline, images and content to communicate quickly and effectively and to create the desired action in the viewer. Working in conjunction with our copy-writers we can develop stand out advertising for your brand or business.

We have run advertising campaigns for many different organisations. We will research and budget a campaign that fits with the rest of your marketing. We help source the right media, the right frequency, size, position and ways of measuring.

We work with you to produce advertisement content that gets seen and heard above the noise in your market place.

Advertising’s not always the right tactic, but when it is, it is still one of the surest ways to communicate with a target audience.

Why is it one of the surest ways to communicate?

You can control the content that appears in someone else’s space

As long as your content adheres to rules of the medium you are using. UK advertising and promotions law, for example, is governed by the CAP code administered by the Advertising Standards Authority.

You can target specific types of people by researching who’s reading/listening/viewing

You can use your advertisement for various purposes. For example:

  • Raise awareness of your company, product or service – a good advertisement will make your product and service look and sound desirable.
  • Make a specific sales offer – it enhances desirability to make it for a limited time, a limited number, or a special price for example and certain audiences respond to things that are ‘new’ or ‘improved’
  • Alert people to opportunities

You can expose your advertising message to target specific numbers of people

Your marketing strategy will show how many people need to know about you in order to reach your sales targets

You can calculate how many times your targets will see your advertisement

As long as the medium you are using has a track record

You can choose from a huge variety of media, including: social media, search engine marketing, newspapers, journals and magazines, website publications, radio, TV, banner advertising, cinema and exhibitions. 

You can calculate how much it costs you to get in front of one reader

When you pick the right media for your marketing strategy, this can be the most cost-effective method.

When you track the results, you can build a track record of what works and what doesn’t and spend your money only on what works



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