Total Outsource

SonoLab initially approached us to develop a marketing strategy. The new company had developed a unique hearing protection device and associated testing software, which solves a significant health and safety problem throughout industry around the globe.  The focus in the first year has been to create a distribution network in the UK and USA, and to hit specific sales targets.

We created marketing collateral: branding; key messaging; website, brochures, videos and fitting guides, PowerPoint, stationery, and other important branded items.

We have since been working with the General Manager to implement the strategy which is heavily focused around digital marketing and exhibitions.

  • A large billboard designed by an Advertising Agency
  • Advertising Agency Billboard designed by an advertising agency
  • Brochure designed by LCM, branding
  • Brochure designed by LCM, branding
  • Brochure Designed by LCM.
  • Sonolab brochure designed by LCM
  • Brochure Designed by LCM
  • A brochure designed by LCM