Hemdean St.Thomas


Hemdean Builders created a new sub-group for the St. Thomas Church project on Southgate Street Winchester, and approached LCM to help with the branding.

We created the brand by using the main front windows’ architectural design for the graphic device, shown in the gold, and a clean sans serif typeface for the name.

Four parts of the building’s history were chosen to fill the timeline across the length of hoarding, where pedestrians could find out a little more of the Church’s  importance.

  • w14-st-cards
  • st-thomas-poloroid-3
  • st-thomas-poloroid-2
  • st-thomas-poloroid-4
  • st-thomas-poloroid-port-2
  • st-thomas-poloroid-port-1
  • st-thomas-poloroid-port-3
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