Enjoy! Raw Chocolate


We were kindly introduced to the team at Enjoy! Raw Chocolate by our friends at Accountancy and Business Advisory Firm BDO LLP.

After many years of trying to create a chocolate that tasted great, but did not cause the kind of allergic reactions that they got from normal chocolate , the founders hit gold with their current recipes.

Enjoy! raw chocolate is exceptionally good. It ticks all the non-allergenic, vegan, organic and raw boxes. Unlike a lot of the offerings in that space, it is deliciously creamy.

Here at LCM we think it’s some of the best chocolate we’ve ever eaten – and it’s lovely to know it’s rich in some key health-giving properties.

Enjoy raw chocolate was beginning to sell strongly, and yet some of the larger stockists wanted the company to strengthen the branding and packaging. It needed to portray the premium quality that is within the pack.

We ran a brand workshop with the founders and their team, and produced a range of about 8 different pack choices.

They selected this final design.

We suggest you get out there and buy some (or visit www.enjoyrawchocolate.com and buy some online) Рyou will thank us later!

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