Dura Pump

Branding, strategy, PR, online & print

We’ve recently been working on changing perceptions for a fluid pumping specialist, through the implementation of a new marketing strategy to refocus the business and achieve its goals in terms of finance and growth.

The new strategy for Dura Pump has been devised through use of our professional marketing consultation during the last two months of 2015. This helped uncover the extensive expertise and knowledge buried within the company, clarified and mapped out its product development plan, identified specific target customers and other critical factors, and created an enquiry-generating plan which is easy to measure.

The implementation of the new strategy will be delivered by the LCM team in close collaboration with the Dura Pump directors. Key activities which form part of the new strategy, such as targeted PR, search engine marketing and social media, are already underway. Lizz Clarke expressed her enthusiasm for the project, “Working with Dura Pump is a joy; we love working with engineers and the team there is focused and ambitious.”

  • Branding for Durapump by LCM
  • Brochure designed by LCM, branding
  • Brochure designed by LCM, branding
  • Brochure designed by LCM, branding
  • Brochure designed by LCM, branding
  • Branding by LCM for Durapump
  • Branding for Durapump by LCM