If you’re in need of a marketing department but don’t have the resource available in-house… we’re here.

Our team of experts offers more than one in-house professional can achieve, and works seamlessly together across a variety of channels. Our role is to help develop your strategy and ensure that your business is on course for delivering the growth you require. Through our engagement process we become a vital part of your team, always focused on your objectives.

Why should you consider LCM for your marketing needs

Our senior level marketing teams are available on tap, for organisations that either do not have strategic marketing expertise in-house, or do not have the time to devote to driving strategy at board level. What’s more, the services have clear processes and are packaged, so you can have corporate expertise geared for your business if needed. Through this process:

  • You know exactly what to expect, and how much it costs
  • You optimise the management time you spend on marketing
  • Your risks are reduced through access to information gained during appropriate levels of focused research
  • You and your board are laser-clear about where to focus your efforts and resources
  • You and your board make better-informed decisions
  • You know how your investment in marketing is driving revenue in your organisation

Marketing director service

Our outsourcing service will provide a continued review of your marketing strategy, we come in and help you to assess the implementation of the strategy and make recommendations on how to move forward.

The inside track – how to drive revenue from your marketing investment

  • The strategy process starts with a one-day marketing workshop with you and your senior team. We examine the business and its market place to find out the ideal ways to grow it.  From this we produce a marketing plan and draft budget, which will also include how you will measure your return on investment.
  • Our work can be concluded at this point and the plan implemented by you and your team.
  • There is an option for a regular review and /or marketing coaching for your designated team member.
  • If you wish us to continue with the implementation of the plan, we would then agree the process.
  • We would meet with you regularly and provide progress reports just as if we were full-time members of your team.
  • We would work with your existing suppliers, or use our own resources for specialist implementation.  This includes public relations, branding, design, copywriting, advertising, digital communications and more.

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