Making the most of infographics for your customers

One of the newest pieces in the marketing armoury, but an increasingly valuable one, is the infographic. An infographic is basically a visual means of displaying complex information such as facts, figures and statistics.

As consumers increasingly want to digest information quickly and easily, images and information make great bed fellows. A well thought-out and expertly designed infographic will work across any media and will engage audiences.

With so much data and information out there, it can be challenging to summarise a lot of information into an easy-to-digest format for customers – which is what makes infographics ideal – they are a mix of copy, design and analysis, creating an easy-to-understand piece of communication.

If you have lots of complicated information to present, an infographic can be a really simple way to do it. They are easy to share across social media and on your website, making them really valuable marketing tools.

Nowadays, infographics can also be interactive, allowing the customer to take a journey through the data you are presenting, providing a really powerful marketing tool to add to your content portfolio.

Here at LCM Marketing we work with our clients to develop useful and meaningful infographics which can help to convey complex messages, in a simple, visual and attractive way to their customers.

Here are seven key reasons why you should make the most of infographics:

People like them

People love easy-to-digest information which is presented attractively and they are far more likely to remember compelling facts and figures when they are featured graphically.

People are visual

The saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ comes to mind when talking about infographics. They enable customers to take in data far more quickly by scanning it visually than by having to read through an essay.

Sharing options

If people like an infographic they are far more likely to share it with their friends and contacts on social media than if the post was purely text-heavy.

Brand recognition

You can brand your infographic with your company name, logo, colour palette and fonts, so the more it is shared, the more brand awareness and recognition it creates for you, for free.

Boosts website traffic

You can link your infographic back to your website so people are more likely to click through and explore your site because they found the infographic of value.

Boosts SEO

If your infographic is widely shared it will help to boost your website SEO results, boosting your site’s ranking on the search engines.

Portrays you as the expert

A key benefit of an infographic is that you need to give quite a bit of thought to the content before the infographic is created, and discover the right data and information to be included – this can then help to position your company as an expert in your particular industry area.

Infographics can be a really good addition to your content marketing strategy, providing a creative way to display complex information for your customers and positioning your brand as a thought leader.

How can LCM help?

If you’d like help with selecting imagery or any aspect of building your brand, please get in touch with us at LCM and we will be happy to talk through what you are trying to achieve. We will ask you guided questions to find out if you need our kind of input, or if another route is best for you.

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