Do you have a potentially explosive situation in your business? Is there a risk that it might hit the press, and if it does so, could it have a serious impact on your business? The old age myth that there’s no such thing as bad publicity may well be true but wouldn’t you prefer to be shaping events yourself?

Swift, effective crisis management

Our crisis procedure moves swiftly into action, following clear steps honed hundreds of times over the last 25 years:

  • We start with a very quick risk assessment to ensure that you are not overreacting – or indeed under reacting.
  • We ensure that you and we are in full possession of all relevant facts (it is surprising how panic creates empty heads and the obvious is in danger of being missed).
  • You can redirect press enquiries to us, so that you and your staff are not at risk of saying or doing the wrong thing.
  • We create windows of time and opportunity for objectivity and consideration – and reference to other relevant parties where appropriate – before reacting.
  • When it is important for you to talk to the press yourself, we assist you in fielding the best spokesperson for the job, and coaching him or her before the TV cameras arrive or the telephone rings with a journalist on the end.
  • We keep a record of all press enquiries and the responses to each, so there is organisation in the eye of the storm, and documentation for assessment when the crisis has passed.
  • We might even help you to ‘make a lemonade out of a lemon’ as Dale Carnegie says in his book, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. Which means, of course, that together we could get a really positive outcome for you.

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